Welcome to Xinzhinuo Technology (Changzhou) Co.,LTD

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Explore our extensive range of auto lamps, mirrors, and accessories for cars, trucks, and pickups.

Xinzhinuo Technology (Changzhou) Co.,LTD

Welcome Xinzhinuo Technology (Changzhou) Co.,LTD

Welcome Xinzhinuo Technology (Changzhou) Co.,LTD

Xinzhino Technology (Changzhou) Co.,LTD is one of the leading factories in manufacturing auto lamps ,mirrors & other accessories of trucks and pick-ups. Our products are available for lsuzu, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hino, Mazda Ford Volkswagen Hyundai Kia and so on. We have been in this area for more than ten years and we have gained experiences in exporting.

Our products are popular at home and abroad which are exported to many countries and areas such as South east Asia, MiddleEast, North America, South America, Africa and so on. Quality is the life of the enterprise and the bestway to keep our customers satisfied. Our factory has passed ISO9001:2017,TS16949:2019 quality system. Some products are certificated by E-MARK. We pay much attention to the quality.

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Discover top picks for your ride. Explore our featured auto lamps, mirrors, and accessories.

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Mainly engaged in rotational molding molds and rotational molding products

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Discover top picks for your ride. Explore our featured auto lamps, mirrors, and accessories.

16 /Apr


It tips and advice on selecting the best accessories for trucks and pick-ups, including mirrors, lighting, grille guards, and more, to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

16 /Apr


This blog delves into the importance of proper car lighting for safety and visibility. It provides insights on choosing the right lights, along with valuable tips for maintaining optimal lighting performance.

This Wholesale Car Accessories Supplier is a One-Stop Solution for Complete Modification

Xinzhino Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is the latest name that can meet your standards. We bring the most efficient and long-lasting auto parts for you. Your pickup trucks and cars will get the kind of auto parts they need. It is more about modifying your vehicles through the valuable parts we supply all over the world. The team that contributes to such amazing quality is what makes us a top choice. We have experts that can manufacture different kinds of auto parts for your trucks and cars. 

Compatible Auto Parts with More Durability 

They will match the requirements of your car and truck through their designs and functions. We have lots of types available for you, which can boost the performance level. You should try a car accessories exporter for this reason. Then, your vehicle will get durable parts that can last more than you can think of. They can bear harsh conditions like debris, mud, and mild heat from the surroundings. All these parts will amplify the appearance of your pickup truck. If you install them in your cars, they will show the same impressive performance. 

Custom Service for Different Designs and Features You Seek

Xinzhino Technology (Changzhou) is an auto parts seller you can choose for customization. We have customized auto parts for you and every buyer out there. You can choose the design and other details before placing your order. Our facility has both standard and custom production options for buyers.

Find Discounted Prices for Pickup Truck and Car Accessories 

This price range will be easy on your budget, and we are available for you. Since we are an auto parts manufacturer with discounts, you should choose us. Xinzhino Technology (Changzhou) is a wholesaler that can supply low-priced auto parts for cars and trucks. You can purchase them for modification of vehicles from us. The prices will always be convenient and stable for buyers who wish for bulk supply.

Assuring Quality Standards for International Supply 

Xinzhino Technology (Changzhou) is an international supplier you can trust. We have a facility for mega-production as well as for global supply. We manufacture them in bulk for all international and local buyers. Automobile traders can choose us for auto parts for modification purposes. We have reached international supply all over the world. Our team can assist you regarding bulk orders.